We are a Regional Referral Center for Revisional Bariatric Surgery throughout the state of Florida.

June 27th, 2012 by admin

Riverside Surgical and Weight Loss Center was established over 6 years ago with the vision of helping people realize their goals of significant and lasting weight reduction through minimally invasive bariatric surgery. We are proud to offer a full array of the latest and safest medical technology in bringing about weight reduction. As board certified surgeons, specializing in bariatrics Dr. Domkowski and Dr. Radecke are privileged to offer both primary surgery for weight reduction as well as conversion and revisional surgery for patients that have already had a weight loss procedure and would like it converted to another type of operation. For example, someone that has had a gastric bypass and experienced weight regain, then they may be a candidate to have a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band placed on their gastric pouch. Dr. Domkowski and Dr. Radecke are committed to keeping up with the latest advances in bariatric surgery and attends several meetings annually. He does this not only to keep up with the more current information, but also so that the latest technology can be offered to his patients.

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