Paraesophageal Hernias

Paraesophageal hernia are a complex form of a hiatal hernia. The opening contains part or all of the stomach and sometimes additional organs as well such as the transverse colon. These organs move into the mediastinum and along side the esophagus. These types of hernia are almost always associated with symptoms such as difficulty eating, early satiety and sometimes even trouble breathing. This occurs because of part of the lung may be compressed from the stomach moving into the chest.


Often, these hernias require surgical repair. The repair involves moving the displaced organs back to their original positions, removal of the hernia sac and closure of the opening (defect).

These types of repairs can also be accomplished laparoscopically as well. Drs Domkowski and Radecke have a great deal of experience with the types of hernias and are able to help people regain the quality of life lost because of them.